Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Video

Scalp Psoriasis New Treatment Shampoo – take a look and speak to your GP

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  • uvbnarrowband

    A 24 year psoriasis sufferer myself. I recommend upon professional advice, using UVB Narrowband for Psoriasis. Cleared Psoriasis in 6wks (noticeable difference in 3 wks). The right emollient is the key too!

  • uvbnarrowband

    Living with psoriasis for 24 yrs covered head-to-toe. Only in the last 5 yrs managed to stay clear thru’ uvb narrowband therapy. To keep the psoriasis clear, I use the 9 tube unit on a maintenance basis: once per fortnight (2min/side for skin type 2). Using UVB Narrowband lamp to me is a convenient home use treatment. Life changing life-time investment i.e. back to playing my favourite sports e.g. racquetball and swimming.

  • 777jeru

    @logangeorge87 So where can one purchase this “Denorex” product? And can it be purchased here in U.S.A. also, too?

  • meksmagic

    this is just another stupid comercial

  • millystack

    does this stuff work?

  • HowlingSkull

    This is not a “Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Video”, this is a shampoo commercial.

  • Hudflet1

    Tjek det her. En sjov og hyggelig komedie om Lars, der har Psoriasis.
    hudflet. dk

  • kalamain

    Costs how much??? B-O

    Its £15 for a 500ml bottle here in the UK.

    Yes its expensive…but its nothing like you stated.
    I use Alphosyl. I only have a weak form but it keeps mine under control and it lasts a while.
    The way they were using it in the ad you would burn through a bottle in no time.

  • theamazingcarrot

    this helped thanks.

  • RoyalHim

    The weak shampoo cost $350.00 dollars, rip off.

  • guyonfire87

    i youse xamiol it takes away the scalp and the imflamation. i yoused it for upp to two weeks and after that all gone but the írritating thing about it is that it is a smal tube and costs a fortune and it comes back if u stop the treatment for 2 weeks

  • carlossean1726

    i use LOCOID hydrocortisone lotion from my dermotoligist and it doesn’t seem to be working

  • logangeorge87

    i started using denorex or so and it helped i moved to head and shoulders i lived with it for almost nine years of my life, it now is gone im happy to say its no longer there but it moved south to other body areas so i know i wont live with it so bad forever. hot water is bad but cold water ugh you gotta do what you gotta do, good luck to those who suffer to the rest who stare may you see the light one day or step a day in our shoes

  • 4pplez

    ??? on my container it says use twice a week

  • TimiHendrix195

    i used devonex a solution you put on your head in the morning and at night the solution is like a water type solution so it doesn’t make your head greasy or draw attention it also got rid of my red marks and i had it bad, its prescription so ask your doctor or GP,

  • down4whatever2009

    Elocon Scalp Lotion is great at clearing psoriasis. I had patches on my neck and used the lotion and it cleared perfectly. The lotion slightly stings/burns the first time you use but instructional use will clear it. In the UK, Elocon Scalp Lotion is a Prescription Only Medicine so go and see your doctor !!

  • fetymann

    Healthier eating is the cure, a raw diet…. clean your body from the inside.

    tommymollypsoriasis.blogspot. com

    read the “So Here is what we did” section.

  • Paradigm715

    Doesn’t the alcohol sting on your skin?-_-

  • fishwitch888

    try Emu oil takes a bit of time but works!

  • alienguilas

    i used this before…
    it didnt work for me…
    um having a hard time finding a remedy for my psoriasis…
    i tried topical ointment, UV radiations, and even pills for it…
    but its still here…

  • AznShin3

    um i need help im 14 male i like had my hair really shortly Layerd but then after 2 month rest of my hair grew a bit more but my crown only grew little and sometimes u can see my scalp/P.s When i take a shower falls out note i have split ends

  • renderklippen

    is this also working 100% for seborrheic dermatitis?

  • Louis69

    I had psoriasis on my hand and it went away with just using vaseline.

  • copter786

    P.S ,, leave it on over night. It works better and faster

  • copter786

    i recomend you use Xamiol gel. It cleared my scalp within 5 days! Please try it. Its worth it.

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