Psoriasis Dead Sea Treatment

For more information, visit: Psoriasis patients can apply for scholarship or patrons may donate so psoriasis patients receive FREE care at the Dead Sea.

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  • petemish

    The time spent in the sun is recommended say 9:30am – 12Noon and then 1:30pm – 4:30pm. Avoiding the harsh middle of the day sun will prevent any bad sunburn. After 14 days you can then go a bit harder with additional sun exposure.

  • makatz54

    We are hoping to have a tour in April for all ages and a summer program focused on children and their parents.

    Please let me know of your availability for these.


  • makatz54

    Humira has side effects. Read up on what the FDA says in general before taking all of the ones recommended.
    The Dead Sea has no adverse side effects and our diet is “vegan” and can only heal.

  • makatz54

    Both the sun and the sea are important. The sea is the detox for your organs. Psoriasis is an internal condition that surfaces to the skin when our kidney and liver are overloaded and cannot function properly. Read all about this in the book by Dr. Pagano on our ABOUT US page. It’s only $10.
    Then, the answers to your question are also on my site under the about us section. It will only last if you go on a specific protocol and diet.

  • wanckerer

    good vıd.
    what ı wanne know dıd you whent for the sun or the water.
    and ıs ıt still gone.

  • eoiny100

    thats fantastic. i too have dis auful condition, anyone want to chat bout it let me know. there is always hope. wuld luv to travel to dead sea. makatz when are u goin again? we culd all try rais money to help us all go

  • tvcrazy08

    hmmm, my psoriasis may not be that bad, but im a lot younger! (parents account, i wanted to know more about psoriasis and treatments!) so yeah, a holiday and treatment, brilliant!

  • makatz54

    Change your attitude! Language like that and an unwillingness to do everything it takes will surely keep the psoriasis on you! It thrives on negativity, bad foods, sugars, liquor, starch, etc. You must be willing to by a book and change your habits.
    This is the only thing that will work.

  • hsnswf

    That’s great! I saw major improvement on the 11th day of your treatment. I see you have lost weight in the month which is great too. I’m sure you have to constantly keep up with your treatments for them to go away or they will keep comming back right?

  • inkandmask

    I teared up when I watched this. I’m so very happy for you! My mom and I are both afflicted with psoriasis and we’re always on the look out for others with it and try to spread our love to them. Thank you for sharing this.

  • makatz54

    Going to the Dead sea for at least 3-4 weeks does amazing things to clear it. But read Dr. Pagano’s book on the blog comments. It is a diet and lifestyle change that allows us to stay healthy after we leave the perfect climate of Israel. So please go, but expect it to come back if you don’t eat properly.

  • makatz54

    Dear Kevin,
    Should it become worse, I recommend Dr. Pagano’s book above or contact me about the Dead Sea tour next August.

  • uberzach321

    RIGHT ON DUDE I HAVE TO GO TRY THAT!!! That was amazing! You see I have it too. Where were you at the dead sea?? Did you have any exposure to water or were you just sun bathing?

  • makatz54

    We cannot allow it to make us feel like a victim. At the Dead Sea I learned to be proud of my spots. I’m a great Leapord, with distinguishing colors that make me special in G-d’s eyes. He gave them to me to help many other people overcome fears and upsets like you are having. Rejoice that it is your challenge to overcome! Come next year with us to Israel!

  • madzndean

    Thank you, its a nightmare psoriasis really sore and itchy, the embarresment factors sky high too.thanks again.

  • makatz54

    Read Dr. Pagano’s book mentioned below to tweak you diet, etc. It seems amazing. I’m going to try it for 3 months this year to see if it clears up returning spots. Salt baths are good at night to feel better, but don’t remove spots. Dead Sea is the fastest way to clear, but this book may be the end all solution!

  • madzndean

    Amazing..Im covereed on my top half, cant afford any trips, do you think salt water baths couuld help, I already have a healthy enough diet plenty I think.

  • makatz54

    Thanks again for this suggestion. I’m going to get the book and try it on myself. Can you tell me more about how it works (is it a diet?) and how long it took for you to see results? How much psoriasis did you have? What percent of you skin? What is it now?

  • makatz54

    Very nice of you to suggest. I will study and apply this. Hopefully by posting it here others will also benefit.

  • lifelongfriendjeff

    Take a look at Dr. John O.A. Pagano’s book: Healing Pshoriasis ISBN0-9628847-0-7:Softcover I used this and it works.

  • reefrunner9

    Over time I have found that trips to saltwater, tropical settings are useful in the search for a cure. After a week scuba diving, sunning and swimming my symptoms disappear. I live in the uppermidwest. My body, mind and soul are imbedded in the varied cultural and natural phenomenas of this region. Until I can find a permanent way South I deal with the vagaries of this affliction. We are not alone. An old gentleman with ancestral ties to Greece once told me that saltwater cures Psoriasis.

  • makatz54

    There is a lot of research on the Dead Sea’s curative powers on the internet. My booklet goes into the how’s of what I did. You may order a copy ($29.95 postage paid included) Tour is forming for month starting last week July. Need 10 people for tour. Are you willing to make 4 week commitment to your healing? Yes, it may return after, but not as bad. The length of remission is up to how we live when we return. Food, stress, lifestyle all play a role. Contact me.

  • KatzMeow1414

    I don’t understand how you have healed at such an alarmingly fast rate. I have guttate psoriasis and my doctors are going to prescribe me Humira because I have 50 percent of my body covered with guttate psoriasis. How long did your body stay in remission? If I can’t heal this with these systemic drugs, I honestly don’t know what I will do. I have gained psoriatic arthritis, I can’t tell you how difficult it is to be 20 years old and have joint pain. Your feedback will be appreciated greatly.

  • Sstephen192

    hi, im 15 years old, and i have psoriasis just about everywhere. i believe about 84%

    my mom says if it doesnt clear up shes going to put me down

    im seeking help

  • MrDuffy81

    Is it the change in diet, or the exposure to the waters of the dead sea, or both, that you attribute to your cure? or is there something else?

    My brother has psoriasis, and he eats horribly, but my mother has him paired with a homeopathic doctor and he is taking a lot of supplements.

    Thank you, and I am pleased to see your positive, healthy results. Your skin looks great!

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