Next Top Model® CariDee English talks about psoriasis

You know her as America’s Next Top Model®. Now she’s signed on as spokesperson for the National Psoriasis Foundation. CariDee developed psoriasis when she was 5 years old. She wants to spread awareness about psoriasis and encourage others to live their dreams.

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  • nojyt

    @Renetemp1 What a load of c**p. Where do you get these loony tunes ideas from? Psoriasis is caused by overactive skin cells, probably as a result of an underlying auto-immune disorder. The scales are not “toxins” coming to the surface – LOL! Dietary choices can help lesson the symptoms , but not because of some link to “toxins” in the food. That’s utter bull and you’re doing a disservice to people by spreading it.

  • hellokinley

    I have Psoriasis on my scalp and I scratch a lot! I also have to use a gross shampoo that smells really bad! It’s nice to see someone successful who has it too =)

  • aklauseiuns

    @Renetemp1 What about fruit? I heard that citric fruit was not good but I don’t know anymore I’m desperate and I heard that olive oil was really good for the intestines.

  • navylaks2

    Eli Roth from Inglorious Basterds have psoriasis

  • Aubroadway

    @kiefhouse The cure is detox 🙂

  • Aubroadway

    @Renetemp1 What about wheat products, rice, nuts and most proccesed carbs? I heard the body turns then into sugar.

  • Hudflet1

    Tjek det her. En sjov og hyggelig komedie om Lars, der har Psoriasis.
    hudflet. dk

  • JadyFortuna

    It was hard having one. I have a slight one before. My parents had to do a lot of things and strict me with my diet and stuff. A friend recommended the fish spa treatment so we went there and I saw the improvement, however its $45 for an hour so we eventually decide to buy one for home use at Aqtropical. My doctor also recommended some medications and finally I’m cured.

  • bibihyfor

    Thankou my 24 year old son has suddenly got a severe case of psoriasis and it has devasted him … my wife and I are very very afraid of what could happen if aanyone could help us please tell us how to lighten his pain

  • blushscent18

    for me it was caused by over use of antibiotics.
    its also hereditary.

  • blushscent18

    @gnarbros auto-immune disease

  • naterichardson2008

    I had psoriasis for 9 years and it really was a pain in the … Luckily I got rid of it though..just last year. I followed the guide on PsoriasisFreeInDays, C0M and it worked great for me. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get rid of psoriasis!

  • esme300butler

    i think its a good thinkg what caridee is doing .i also have psoriasis

  • gnarbros

    i thought psorisis was a immune disorder….

  • saxster

    And many sources believe that vaccinations are one of the most common causes of the disease. I have it.

  • Ibringthetruth1

    She was fucking Tyson Beckford. LOL.

    That ugly negroid.

    What a naive stupid MONTANA girl.

  • angieangel135

    You are so amazing CariDee.

  • zozocouture

    I’m a model too, and I have P too, since I was 8, granite it is not on 70 % of my body, but it still makes it hard for me to do alot of things, I get depressed when ever i touch it. its so awful..

  • simplykrista1991

    I have had since was 5, as well it blocked my hair folicules when was 6 and my hair fell out I was bald until I was10, I am 18 now, I cant even tan becuse it gets worse I cr in the winter because it starts to crack and bleed it hurts everywhere

  • XxxBOOKWORMx2012xxX

    psoriasis sux…

  • Renetemp1

    Cyclosporin is an antifungal.
    This makes sense when you understand that Psoriasis is caused by Candida (Candida is a Yeast/Fungus).
    My Psoriasis disappeared after using Lamisil (also antifungal), but reappeared.
    Now I am treating it naturally, and it slowly disappears.

  • TheSaintDreamer

    Yes I agree i believe this is called Leaky Gut syndrome and can happen to any individual.

  • TheSaintDreamer

    I totally agree and understand your point abt Alkaline forming foods, they are the sources to vitality, i havnt reead Paganos book, but really need to get my hands on a copy.

  • belligerentexistence

    Renetemp1—Psoriasis (sore-EYE-ah-sis) is a medical condition that occurs when skin cells grow too quickly. Faulty signals in the immune system cause new skin cells to form in days rather than weeks. The body does not shed these excess skin cells, so the cells pile up on the surface of the skin and lesions form.

  • theshore465

    she’s a true winner

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