New Treatment For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a painful skin disease that affects more than seven million Americans. See how UAB is helping so many who suffer with this skin disorder.

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  • SuperLuvmyself

    ive been suffering of this disease since i was 8. and now am 23 years sad bcoz am a girl..but i was able to cope up with this disease..drinking 2-3 litters of water a day, not smoking and not drinking alcoholic beverages really helps a lot… and of course reducing stress… if you people would only see woudnt think that i have this disease… but still i pray that one day there would be a CURE for psoriasis. for those who have psoriasis like mine dont lose hope..:) goodbless

  • uvbnarrowband

    UVB Narrowband Treatment. Living with psoriasis for 24 yrs covered head-to-toe. Only in the last 5 yrs managed to stay clear thru’ uvb narrowband therapy. To keep the psoriasis clear, I use the 9 tube unit on a maintenance basis: once per fortnight (2min/side for skin type 2). Using UVB Narrowband lamp to me is a convenient home use treatment. Cleared Psoriasis in 6wks (noticeable difference in 3 wks).

  • TheJim2745

    ive been suffering from psoriasis for the past 5 years ive had it preety severe on 90% of my body ive tried alot of treatments and ointments and if anybody needs any advice dont hesitate to email me

  • ruskishooric

    Oh man this is scaring me. I got Psoriasis for the first time, now for about 3-4 weeks, but its terrifying to know that people have it for years. I hope there’s a cure, I’m only 18, if I don’t get cured this will screw up my life permanently. If anyone has any suggestions that work please do reply to me!

  • AlainHubert

    Although a good diet is a great way to stay healthy, you obviously don’t know the first thing about psoriasis. If you did, you wouldn’t write that it’s not a skin disease, and all that intestinal fungus bullshit. Psoriasis is the result of an over-active immune system, where T-Cells mistakenly attack skin cells, which your body then tries to replace fourteen times faster than usual. I should know, I’m suffering from this for 10+ years now and have studied it thoroughly.

  • MsJess619

    i agree with stasiu5005
    it is painful when they’ve been there a while and youre not moistureizing.
    Especially when you peel the “scales” from them…
    they burn

  • kevinoophamaa

    remicade is around 5 to 10 thousand dollars, are they really gonna finally have something that will work and charge it that much, do they think that 7 million ppl out there like me will have the money to pay for that, this is really pure bull shit to have to pay around 5 to 10 thousand dollars

  • Hudflet1

    Tjek det her. En sjov og hyggelig komedie om Lars, der har Psoriasis.
    hudflet. dk

  • stasiu5005

    @pokedeathmage it is painfull when u leave it for a long time without puting any creams or oils on it…. trust me dude, its sometimes sore like fuck + itchy like fuck ;]

  • Blondencrazee

    If I could get rid of psoriasis i would totally do it?

  • balikci035

    ok. i helpyou guys i have this long time so better listen to me: use first cream name; TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE CREAM usp,0.025% this is lite use first dont work use 2. one heavy duty one; CLOBETASOL PROPIONATEcream usp0.05.. ok. any think email me ok.

  • pokedeathmage

    its not painfull just SUPER itchy!

  • balikci035

    ok. i helpyou guys i have this long time so better listen to me: first cream name; TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE CREAM usp,0.025% this is lite use firt dont work use 2. one heavy duty one; CLOBETASOL PROPIONATEcream usp0.05.. ok. any think email me ok.

  • JadyFortuna

    It was hard having one. I have a slight one before. My parents had to do a lot of things and strict me with my diet and stuff. A friend recommended the fish spa treatment so we went there and I saw the improvement, however its $45 for an hour so we eventually decide to buy one for home use at Aqtropical. My doctor also recommended some medications and finally I’m cured.

  • kookie1951

    My goodness, what alot of diff remedies : S Ive had psoriasis for about 2 years now and it’s affecting my life in a way that i didnt think possible. Ive just started UVB treatment, which seems is gonna be a long haul. It’s comforting to read other peoples stories, and to know im not alone. I pray for us all

  • theconersmoker

    dovobet is good till u stop using it the best thing i found for it is uvb light treatment

  • xtakexitxawayx

    Clobex spray is a great medication for Psoriasis…I remember when I first broke out and my Dr thought I had scabies and gave me something for that, that I did from head to toe and it made me break out 3x as bad it was horrible..Clobex is the only thing I could find that worked pretty good.. I have barely had any crazy out breaks..I get it every now and then again, but I put clobex on before it gets horrible.

  • bowes78

    incorrect my friend! contact me if you care to find out why…. had tests.

  • fishwitch888

    if you scratch …wash your hands…because although you can not spread it to others…you can spread it on using oils will make it go away and scratching makes it worse..

  • innocentamelia

    Not to say that you shouldn’t wash your hands, of course not!

    BUT washing your hands in mass excess can actually damage the skin more than help it, as it removes essential oils your body produces.

    When you wash them frequently, it dries the skin.

  • Smithpromotions

    should really get to the root of the problem.. Gluten intolerance causes Psoriasis.. Research it everyone!!!!

  • Yngland

    I have something for you all. I have found something WITHOUT CHEMIE & Cortison and so on

    FOR more info – write me

  • derekkindell

    I dont mess with doctors anymore. I almost died from raptiva. Ended up in the hospital unblemished to move my elbows and knees. All I use now is triamcinolone acetonide. I also usedmethotrexate and it almost ruined my liver after 4 weeks. Yay! I’ll stick with itching and whatnot.

  • wilfredvaz

    i do agree with u renetemp,,wot diet sgud v follow to get rid of the fungus in the intestines? when i consume alcohol, red meat, frozen processed food my psoriasis flares up, also id i get constipated it flares up, i now ensure that i go to the toilet daily, also peanuts are bad..

  • wilfredvaz

    dnt be silly dude

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