How To Beat Psoriasis!

Diet works and here is my proof. 60 days of documented healing. No medication, no shots and no tanning beds. I was able to beat psoriasis

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    well done

  • BxcLuvzPink

    @peterc6658 hmm that’s strange…

  • BeatPsoriasis

    @ianholmes69 just send me an email noting this. I will email the program to you as an attachment. Also, FYI… I’m working on an online version so no download will be required. Charles

  • ianholmes69

    I’ve ordered the program but I carn’t get it 2 download, any ideas people????

  • N00blet45

    My psoriasis isn’t painful, usually. If it becomes very dry it does start to hurt.

    It’s really more of a aesthetics issue. It isn’t very attractive to have a big red scaly spot on your arms, stomach, legs, head, or even (and especially) your crotch.

  • zfasakr

    Does anybody know what is wrong with me. watch my video

  • peterc6658

    @BxcLuvzPink This same vid is on a vid for kangen water . they said it was the water that got rid of his psoriasis.

  • emeraldvenus

    Try going on a gluten and dairy free diet. It works wonders. Although it’s not a cure, you will definitely see positive results. Keeping stress down will help too. Steroid creams help short term, but it will come back. Diet is the only thing that really helped my daughter the most. My daughter finds that tomato sauce & peppers (night shade plants) trigger flare-ups. It’s helpful to keep a diary so you know what may be the offending foods.

  • BeatPsoriasis

    @heyyoheyyo1212 I don’t ususally remove comments but that guy was just foul. So glad this was able to help you too. If you haven’t already, please email me a testimonial. I would love to include it with the others on my website. Thank you and take care! Charles


    Same, it sucks so bad, and not to metion very painful

  • thanksbahrain

    homeopathy worked for me.

  • rockthecan

    @heyyoheyyo121 cool story bro

  • navylaks2

    I dont understand where is the program

  • heyyoheyyo1212

    your an idiot its free, I personally used his program and my psoriasis is almost gone. I can’t thank this man enough

  • macro44

    Also I should add, use green (sensitive) dove soap. Check the humidity in your
    room (should be less than 60%) . I depend on aristocorte to maintain my skin
    some days. Get checked out for H.Pylori. Zinc and cod liver oil are really good too.
    But again, the liquorice tea worked wonders (after spiralina).

  • macro44

    Diet or any other reduction to alergy you can make will help.
    I have found liquorice tea really helps.
    I was tested and found to be extremely alergic to chicken (& egg), corn, potatoes, wheat, peas …; but am also sensitive to dust mites, and rye grass.
    Avoid dairy (and beef). This diet is really helpful as a start but I found spiralina
    (in banana smoothies) really kicked started recovery for me.

  • BxcLuvzPink

    what kind of diet.? like what did you eat and not eat.? PLEASE help.!! i’ve just started high school and it is RUINING my LIFE.!! :,[

  • rockthecan

    what a dick he has the cure to help people but he wants to charge ppl i bet.

  • naterichardson2008

    I’ve had psoriasis for about 9 years.. I cured it by dieting too. If you want to learn more about the diet I used you can check it out at PsoriasisFreeInDays , C0M . It’s very powerful and it works guys! I highly recommend you try it. gl all

  • babyrose136

    Psoriasis is a constant put down, Once you think you look good, and you look down and see spots of psoriasis on your arm, each spot is a reminder of the cruelty that could be shown to you today. People just don’t realize how it effects someone, emotionally and physically. It is a terrible disease, and it NEEDS A CURE.

  • jkljkl890

    i have it but not so baddd!!!omg

  • Omnignosis

    Try using olive oil also as a topical.

  • goblex2

    i dont want to be weird but u slimed down too i cant belive u healed in onyl 2 months i had a diet and i healed in about 3 1/2 months

  • percytje666

    im so happy to see a person that got rid of it =]

  • Hudflet1

    Tjek det her. En sjov og hyggelig komedie om Lars, der har Psoriasis.
    hudflet. dk

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