Embarrassing Illnesses – Psoriasis

A man seeks help for severe psoriasis. This series explores the conditions and ailments that leave many of us a little red-faced and aims to de-stigmatise common complaints.

25 comments to Embarrassing Illnesses – Psoriasis

  • TardisLove10

    Gloves Miss McKenna?

  • caromonsta

    the lady looks at him so discuted, while he is a ashamed of his illness and sharing it to her. go get fired!

  • SocialiteSociety

    i was listening to tine tempah and about 30 mins later i endud up on this :

  • xxxHSMgalxxx

    @LovelyYTRocks err..no its not… it IS psoriasis…

  • rayinz101

    wear gloves !!

  • LovelyYTRocks

    @xxxHSMgalxxx That’s dandruff, retard.

  • niljen92

    I feel so sorry for him. Struggling with it for so long. No one should judge him for his disease, he seems nice. 🙁

  • jonyoungman

    I have it as well. So annoying! I finally found Repcillin…uses alligator oil to heal skin. Check it out at africancleanse. com …i swear by it…

  • xxxHSMgalxxx

    I have posiasis, but its on my head and looks very mild compared to this guy

  • sweetyazzy8

    Roflll xD

  • mettabee

    I wish I could find a dr who takes the condition seriously. They just give me the same creams over and over that don’t work with me.

  • nogo104104

    I feel so sorry for this guy I too have psoriasis on my scalp and small bumps on my hip that never seem to go away. Is it true we’re going to die at the age of 40/50?

  • iowaguitarshred

    she gave him a wedgy…

  • WeebieProductions

    My teacher has this.

  • Jjavanoid

    I had a friend at school who had terrible psoriasis. People used to call her ‘fish’ and ‘cod’ etc. because of the ‘scales’. It was literally all over her and no treatment seemed to work. Last time I saw her was a few months after we’d left school and it had almost cleared up completely. I guess the stress from the bullying had made it much worse then it ‘needed’ to be. She was such a friendly, outgoing girl too. There was no reason to dislike her. People can be so friggin horrible.

  • envy71383

    ouch this is really bad! I had it on my head, luckily my hair covered it & a special shampoo & less stress made it go away.

  • xXxAshley649xXx

    i agree :[
    i dontt get bullied or anything
    its a pain
    and it hurts so bad
    u dont know how annoying and embarasing it is unless u have it 🙁

  • 1042charlie

    i have psoriasis too on my back and scalp, not as severe as this poor guy though. Best way to cure it is to replace soap with emulsifying ointment for showering, just put it on affected areas before shower and shower as normal. use a non scented moisturiser like e45 cream and it works a charm! coconut oil great for scalp and body also!

  • supcutie44

    hey. I have psoriasis and the meds& creams dont work on me to well. So i tried a more natural treatment and found that Olive oil works the best on me. I sugesst you try it.

  • killahkaii

    i know a guy with that and it seems liek the more he excerscises and eats properly . tthe more his condition fades

  • zz5fosho

    poor guy he looks nice

  • Diamondinn

    Saltwater and sun, works like magic on Psoriasis.

  • ManukaHoneyTXcom

    Manuka honey has healing powers that may help with this skin condition.

  • emeraldvenus

    My daughter has this condition. Steroid creams have helped very little. She did some research & found that living on a gluten & dairy free diet really works. I Psoriasis too, but only mildly. For the 1st time though, I experienced a terrible red bumpy & sore rash on the cheeks & nose of my face. I was consuming frozen yogurt that week & now I know I can’t have dairy. Dairy is inflammatory for many people. Chronic inflammation can lead to internal organ damage.

  • elpadroney

    @blushscent18 no.. I’m 19 with it also.. I have grown to accept my death in 20-25 years, you should also

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