Diet & Nutrition Tips : Foods to Eat With Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that can be somewhat alleviated by removing toxicity, dairy and gluten from the diet. Reduce sugars to help treat psoriasis and eczema withtips from a dietitian and nutritionist in this free video on eating healthy. Expert: Rachael Richardson Contact: Bio: Rachael Richardson is a registered dietitian and a Florida licensed nutritionist. Richardson has earned degrees from the University of North Florida and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

28 comments to Diet & Nutrition Tips : Foods to Eat With Psoriasis

  • nielsz1972

    Good work Rachel.

  • ebaliton81

    how do you know they are lies?

  • ebaliton81

    i think i have a mild skin condition and in addition i went through a short period in my life when i did not eat meat and wanted to stay off dairy. But i just cant seem to stay away from renide/proccessed foods =(
    is sorta like macrobiotics?

  • rince1wind

    What does that even mean, “adds toxicity”? Milk and gluten add poisonous-ness? Why? Jeez.

  • Hudflet1

    Tjek det her. En sjov og hyggelig komedie om Lars, der har Psoriasis.
    hudflet. dk

  • jbearden


    No, diet is one word, and medication is another. What you eat affects you, like drugs, but this is not reason enough to asset that diet WORKS. Cause when you say “works”, that IMPLIES CURE. It doesn’t cure anything. They don’t know what to do about this disease. Drugs and diet are important, but they do not WORK in the sense that they CURE,

  • hazemalsaadi

    @jbearden actually it does work lol. diet is like medications

  • jbearden

    These are lies. It will not work.

  • flipblood

    @batholith1975 ru seroius about that?

  • torresdh1

    you should cleanse your liver, i was taking a herbal medecine called milk thistle! and also if you go to a tanning salon maybe once every 2 weeks for about 5 mins, that helps as well!!! the rays kill the bacteria

  • torresdh1

    hello, i actually eliminated everything that comes from an animal, including chicken, and fish and i stuck to a plant based diet! but i also took milk thistle to clean my liver (its a herb) i ate nothing but spinach, soy burgers, wheat bread, soy milk, lots of almonds nuts fruits avocados lol etc hope this helps!

  • torresdh1

    yes big time!!! i dont eat any dairy products or meats and my skin has cleared up tremendously!!! i def recommend it!

  • torresdh1

    yea i eat rice =) but it has to be natural and wheat!

  • narcissusnostalgia

    i did the diet, where you eat nothing but fruits and veggies, and my condition got much much worst!

  • WestSideCoolidge

    If you are eating Organic food and have been doing it for a long time, and your Skin condition has not gone away you should try cleansing the body of toxins or mucus with Herbs.

  • batholith1975

    When I lived in Hawaii and swam in the ocean almost everyday, my psoriasis disappeared.

  • navylaks2

    what do you do when you dont like avacatos?

  • ManOnFire117

    Thanks for the tips I will give them a try.

  • krrymarie

    I have psoriasis eat quite healthy no beef and not much dairy food but not changed my skin or cleared it! everyone says this works and that works but P never really goes away. we have to remember what works for one wont work for another!
    There are food sensitivity test that ppl can have which i am saving up to have one done so i know roughly what I am allergic to and what i should cut out or add in my diet.

  • Jeyrill10

    i also took diet promise it can helps a lot ehehhe do u eat rice?????

  • nigling

    For anyone thats removed Bread (gluton), Sugar, Dairy from their diet for an extended period. Have you seen postive results?

    Is started doing detox + intenstine cleaning.

  • lilpk312

    What I did was lie to myself that I was getting better which helped reduce stress…I haven’t had it for 2 years until some events came up recently. I also find that not using hot water and reducing the amount of soap I use helps too.

  • torresdh1

    I eliminated dairy products, any type of meat, chicken beef etc. and just ate vegetables and fruits and nuts, and in about a month, my psoriasis was GONE!!! it was very hard to change my diet at first…. but it was sooo worth it at the end =D hope this helps

  • ransman413

    I invented hypnomentotherapy, a treatment in which you concentrate, hypnotize yourself, and dream for it to go away. It worked on the psoriasis on my back. It could work for you.

  • ransman413

    I have psoriasis on legs feet head back and left underarm ;-(

  • Maria

    I have P on my back, chest, legs and elbows, but its worst on my scalp. I hate all those little flakes falling all the time. It’s embarrassing. Plus the itching drives me crazy. I hate it when people tell me to just stop scratching it. Like it can be helped!

  • JohanK

    “Ransman413” & “MAria” If you are bothered by your skin symptoms do something. It is really worth it!

    After years I was only more unsure what’s right or wrong so I finally decided to try changing diet with .
    “torresdh1” I have also eliminated meat and dairy and psoriasis turned into invisible disease 🙂 !
    Even scars are not visible. It was very hard, It was a huge challenge to change the diet radically.
    I don’t eat in the restaurants, they have very much processed food and fats that worse psoriasis symptoms. I get vitamins and omega 3&6 oils and go out on sun when possible( people who got a lot of sun n their home country should call themselves lucky). I was also told years ago by doctor to stop drinking milk and start using D caps go and have some sun or tanning, that gives great effects, too bad didn’t try it earlier. I still eat breads especially dark ones, and it’s been fine, but I have heard from other people it has been their rash reason. Well, doesn’t hurt try out how it goes for yourself.

    I don’t drink beer or heavy alcohol beverages at all since end of sep.2009. , half a year ago I tried that on my brother’s b-day and my rash on the legs got real ugly. I eliminated all alcohol at once, then in a while tried on by one which of them has the lightest consequences. For me only light cocktails work, with exception of the milk based. Nowadays I drink only on special occasions.
    My brother has also psoriasis, it seems everybody has different key to how to get ride of it.
    For him was enough to stop drinking milk, coffee, alcohol and most of all stop smoking. Meat for him is ok. I have heard many times psoriasis is related to toxins and allergic foods that one’s body can handle. I guess that’s his case.
    here is the actual website that I’ve found helpful :

  • Maria

    Follow-up to my Sept. 13th vent/posting. First of all I give thanks to GOD, I know it was all the prayers and prayers I received on my behalf from family and friends. I went back to my dermatologist and saw his father this time around. He prescribed me clobetosol, vectical ointment, and taclonex for my scalp. Since September I have stopped eating meat, dairy, breads, peanuts, pork, strawberries, shell fish, processed meats and sweets. Basically anything that might cause an allergic reaction. And my skin is healing. The flakes on my body are gone. My face is clear again. My scalp is no longer filled with caked crust. I still have some flaking on my scalp but its alot better than what it was before. Thank you God for healing me!

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