Baba Ramdev -Yoga for Psoriasis- Skin Diseases (English)

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15 comments to Baba Ramdev -Yoga for Psoriasis- Skin Diseases (English)

  • vedika7183

    @venkatmvrm I have a condition opposite of Tinea… Its making my skin darker!… Can u pls tell me how long u did the pranayams for and how long each day to see the results? Any diet changes? Pls help!

  • vedika7183

    @ascardno I don’t think its normal to spread before getting better. I suppose u r doing something wrong.

  • ascardno


    Is it normal for the psoriasis to spread first before getting better?

  • venkatmvrm

    @ascardno trust me it worked for me. I had like 20 % of my body covered with psoriasis.. I am doing since 5 months in dallas sunstone yoga. I am only left with 2% of my body covered with psoriasis now.. thanks to yoga..

  • ascardno

    I just wnated to know if anyone has tried this method and if it really worked. i have had psoriasis for 10yrs now. I strated trying baba’s method but noticed a spread in the disease. this spread onto my palm and soles of my feet as well. Does this mean its working? A friend suggested it was all coming out of the system but the rate at which it spread is alarming.pls help

  • devabhasha

    thank you baba ramdev! you are talking about the real culture of all the countries in the world. I really feel the north pole energies when listening to this.

  • abstuladhar

    i am 9 and i lost so much weght by doing this thank u

  • Filledor

    Hallo – so auf eigene Faust diese Dinge auszuprobieren würde ich dir abraten. Solche Tees/Pflanzenmedikamente sollten individuell abgestimmt sein in Sorte und natürlich Menge. Schau doch mal, ob du vielleicht ein TCM (traditionelle chinesische Medizin) Zentrum und Arzt in deiner Nähe hast. Akupunktur und spezielle Tees haben bei meiner Haut innerhalb weniger Wochen Wunder bewirkt! Viel Erfolg wünsche ich dir 🙂

  • ukapajme

    fitoterapeut valjaš gluposti, baš pomažeš svijetu i liječiš ih besplatno?

  • earlybyrd83

    Entschuldung, aber weiß hier jemand wo ich die Sachen kaufen kann bzw. braucht man wirklich alles? Hat das jemand schon probiert? Wäre toll wenn ihr mir antwortet. Danke 🙂

  • fitoterapeut

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  • unnst

    no salt, no sugar, eat green vegtable, no eggplant, yam/potatoes, no fried foods, no fast food, no cold drinks.. Thank you for sharing. thank you.

  • JerichoDKIB

    Brilliant, thank you

  • jagdish

    im suffring from psoriasis since 8 months.can it really be cured from ramdevji’s yoga.PLEASE seriously suffering..!!

  • goverdhan singh chauhan

    i am suffring from ms last 3 yrs so babaji can you tell me will it cure and what yoga and treatement shold i take

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